MiniMo Catch

MiniMo Catch is based on the well-known and beloved memory mechanic, making it easy for children to get started playing. But in MiniMo a match is not just a match - it’s a special action that’s used to trick and catch the monsters before they get away.

Children have a strong advantage when it comes to memory games - their memory. In MiniMo Catch the child is in the driver’s seat and gets to be the expert. When adults are invited to join, the child will have a strong lead and can show the adults how to play.

Special collaboration levels are opened up throughout the game where the adult takes part in the child’s activity in small bites. While children have a memory advantage, adults have the power to think strategically. Collaboration is key when family-time is turned into MiniMo-time!

MiniMo Town

In MiniMo Town, children build their own town and learn English in the process. When moving through 5 different worlds, the child spell out words that then come to life and can be used in the game. Spell the word "saw" and use the saw that appears to cut down trees, or spell the word "cat", and give the cat that appears to one of the citizens.

MiniMo Town began as a dream of making a city-building game for kids - a place where children would have fun while growing. We want to empower children through fun, by building on their natural curiosity towards letters and words.

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