MiniMo Town is a new fun casual learning game for children (5-9 years), where you build your own city by spelling words. You create a variety of colourful buildings, cute animals, cool items, and awesome tools. 

The magic happens when you, suddenly, see the words that you have made, spring to life! Spell the word "saw" and then use the saw to cut down trees! Spell the word "cat", and give the cat to one of your citizens.

MiniMo Town began as a dream of making a city-building game for kids - a place where children would have fun while growing. We want to empower your children through fun, by building on their natural curiosity towards letters and words.

City building games are loved by children, but all too often, we see children getting frustrated because of a paywall and complicated controls. The children want to play these games, but they can easily become too difficult and frustrating.

Our game is all about allowing the children to have fun, but also empowering them and helping them grow. This is the very essence of our slogan “Where the Fun Games Grow”.

We hope that you share our vision, and will have fun in MiniMo Town. Enjoy.

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