Our Vision:

We want to make sure, kids enjoy the experience of play as they grow. Our game builds on kids' natural curiosity for learning; a curiosity that can easily be woven into play.  

Getting there:

Before launching the game, we struggled hard to come to terms with the dominant ways of purchasing apps that, to us, are not suitable for children.  

Increasingly, apps today (especially city building games) allow you to try the application first, and then keep asking you to pay to play more, with somewhat deceptive strategies. Some of these apps are quite aggressive in this manner, and many times children and parents do not have a clear idea of what they buy.

There will be no additional attempts to get money from you; nothing that gets in the way of you and your children having fun, playing and learning

...MiniMo Town Rules 

We have made some simple rules, to remind us why we are here, and to help us determine our path in this journey.  

1). Playing comes before growing 

2). Be safe in the magic circle of play 

3). Meet children where they are

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